Poor lighting is a leading cause of the most common types of industrial workplace accidents, causing millions of injuries and costing billions of pounds each year. And, studies show that improving illumination decreases accident rates by more than 60%.

Industrial LED lighting technology is proving to be the most effective and efficient source of light for manufacturing operations. This paper demonstrates how industrial hazardous-location certified LED lighting can dramatically improve facility safety due to its superior colour, clarity, long-life performance, smart lighting compatibility and hazmat-free construction.

Bill McDonough, Product Marketing Manager

Bill McDonough, Product Marketing Manager at Dialight, has 40 years of experience in the lighting and electrical industries specialising in industrial and hazardous applications. During his career he has held various Sales, Marketing and Product Development positions. In his current role at Dialight, Bill is utilising his industry knowledge and hazardous markets experience to advise on customer needs and emerging industry trends. Prior to joining Dialight in 2009, Bill was the Western U.S. Area Sales Vice President for Cooper Lighting.

Alison Quinn, Sales Director Europe and EMEA Key Accounts Manager

Alison Quinn is the Sales Director and Key Accounts Director of EMEA for Dialight. She has more than 15 years of lighting industry experience and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath. Alison has extensive experience in LED lighting having previously worked for Whitecroft Lighting and OSRAM. She also spent time at Daikin Air-conditioning.

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