Stephen Marcos Jones, Director-General of the UK Petroleum Industry Association, will be speaking about the potential role for digital in unlocking efficiencies and improving safety in the downstream oil sector.

In a low-margin sector such as downstream oil, the need to embrace digital change that offers cost savings especially around energy efficiency and maximising yields is vital, yet it is only now that the sector is seeming to pick up on the opportunity that digitalisation offers. Mr Jones will highlight some of the existing uses that are emerging from use of digital in the downstream space – whether that be drones reducing the amount of working at height or the use of submersibles in tanks when thinking about major terminal operations, right down to the forecourt experience where consumers are already seeing a difference via the use of payment via app. 

The chance to use digital technologies will continue to expand with the potential to continue to improve the safety record of the industry while also offering opportunities to de-risk commercial operations too. Join Mr Jones to hear more about the digital opportunities across the sector: Discovering new ways to track our people to ensure their safety on site, using digital replicas to test the impacts of new crudes in refining to improve margins, or improving regulatory compliance through new monitoring techniques.

Stephen Marcos Jones

As Director-General of the UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), Stephen Marcos Jones is responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of UKPIA as the UK's principal advocate for the downstream oil sector. With over 15 years’ experience across the oil and gas industry, Stephen's leadership of UKPIA encompasses all areas of the organisation's expertise, including fuels quality, environmental regulations, advocacy and industry economics, and the future vision for the UK industry. Prior to joining UKPIA, Stephen established and led the UK upstream industry’s Efficiency Task Force. He has also worked on projects for the UK Government's Department for Education and spent five years leading the communications department of a European scientific organisation in Barcelona. Stephen is a Board member of OPITO UK and Cogent, skills bodies for the energy industry.

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