The CompEx Scheme, developed by industry for industry, is the global scheme for users in the oil, gas and chemical sectors as well as other worksites that contain explosive atmospheres. Accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, to ISO/IEC 17024 : 2012 – Conformity Assessment – General Requirements of bodies offering Certification of Persons.

It is the only internationally accredited core competency scheme for safe working in explosive atmospheres in the world.

Currently, enjoying its 25th Anniversary Year, the CompEx Certification Body has issued over 80,000 core competency certificates since the scheme was launched on 28th May 1993, confirming its place as the premier scheme for core competency validation of persons who work in explosive atmospheres. Currently, on a worldwide basis, the scheme has close to 10,000 candidates annually undertaking core competency validation and the 5 year Refresher Courses, for the various CompEx Modules that address the requirements of the IEC Standard 60079 Parts 14 & 17.

The length and breadth of the CompEx Scheme is unrivalled in its approach, utilising only licensed centres for course delivery, as well as using only professionally registered CompEx Instructors and CompEx Assessors to provide separate training and assessment staff to ensure there is no conflict of interest between Instruction and Assessment, borne out by its ISO/IEC 17024 : 2012 Accreditation status.

The current modules for Gas & Vapours (Ex01-04); Dust (Ex05 & 06); Fuel Forecourts (Ex07 & 08); Water Utilities (Ex09 & 10); Non Electrical/Mechanical (Ex11); Application Design Engineers (Ex 12A & 12B) & Responsible Persons (Ex 14) meet the requirements for all the roles identified in the IEC Standards 60079 Parts 14 (Annex A) & Part 17 (Annex B) in relation to competency of staff.

The new Functional Safety Foundation Course will be supplemented in 2019 by a Functional Safety Technician Course, taking the CompEx Scheme into the new areas of Process Safety, with the associated IEC Standard 61511, which is a very important part of plant safety to protect both the workforce and the capital asset.

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