ATEXInspect is cloud-based software for the inspection and asset management of equipment installed in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX/DSEAR). The inspection module efficiently assists the inspector, automatically raising faults against tags. These faults can then easily have work orders assigned to them, completing the cycle.

Why ATEXInspect?

• Team Collaboration

ATEXInspect allows remote collaboration. The originator may be on one site (or continent) and the checker or approver on another.

• Element & Tag Database

Our Element database and Tag management application work together to manage your assets and allow you to reuse your elements throughout ATEXInspect.

• Competence is now mandatory

ATEXInspect only allows personnel with appropriate competence levels to check/approve records.

• Automatic QA version control

All critical records are traceable to originator/checker/approver with automatic ‘revving’.

• Location Management

Manage your records using a familiar hierarchy. Site-Plant-Area

• Reporting System

Included in ATEXInspect, our sophisticated reporting system allows the user to produce comprehensive reports based on their inspections.

• Fault Management

ATEXInspect has an innovative fault management system that gives live and updated information in real-time. It enables the user to create unique site standard fault codes, that can be assigned when equipment is inspected.

• Inspections

ATEXInspect offers three different types of inspections: ATEX Inspections, Fixed Wire Inspections and Emergency Lighting Inspections.

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