5. Contribution to Safety – A product, system or service which has made a significant contribution to safety in hazardous area environments. 


Company: Dron & Dickson

Dron & Dickson works towards raising awareness about the importance of hazardous area safety, ignition prevention, and the training and competence of technicians. Dron & Dickson can provide both products (through the Wholesale Division) and services (through the Engineering Services Division) resulting in a fully integrated offering from initial conceptual design, to product selection, through the installation & commissioning, culminating in the ongoing servicing and maintenance of the equipment in field operation. 

As a result, Dron & Dickson has been working on several different work-streams all with the end goal of making hazardous areas safer and reducing the risk potential of a serious adverse event.

• Training and Competence – In addition to the minimum requirements of an EIC recognised level 3 electrical course and CompEx, Dron & Dickson asks all personnel to undertake an internal trade-test to verify their holistic knowledge and competence. We would not deploy anyone who does not reach a minimum pass mark on the trade test, rather we would invite them in for further training with our technical authority on the areas they struggled with and ask them to re-sit.

• Verification of Qualifications – Recently we have had a number of false CompEx certificates presented to us. At Dron & Dickson, all certification is verified by HR before allowing that person to work for us (through JTL). We have issued a safety alert regarding this matter and have taken our concerns to Deirdre Michie, the CEO of Oil and Gas UK, and are currently supporting them on raising awareness of this very serious concern.

• Hazardous Area Awareness through Education – We have a tie-in with Glasgow Caledonian University and Lenny Collins (Group Director) guest lectures on the Health and Safety BSc course on the topic of human behaviours and how choices we make have a major influence in maintaining process safety systems and controlling the risk of major accident hazards.

• Providing HSE Leadership – We believe that safety starts at the top of any organisation and as such we aim to provide high level visibility and leadership to both our staff and the wider population who are working in the vicinity of the products and services we provide. This is done through hazardous area site inspections conducted by directors (both off and onshore), presenting at contractor HSE Forums on various topics and recently we supported a major oil and gas client at the Spadeadam hazard awareness course in Cumbria.



Company: Meercat Pty Ltd
Product: Meercat RiskView

Meercat RiskView’s integrated features provide a complete risk lifecycle solution that allows customers to leverage knowledge gathered in order to drive their risk maturity and business improvement. Meercat RiskView customers consistently report lower ownership costs, higher efficiencies, and great transparency.

Meercat RiskView provides all the risk and assurance tools a company needs to build and grow a best-practice business from day one. It’s fast to deploy, secure, transparently involves everyone, shares learnings and insights, and reduces the time, expertise and cost associated with getting better at business and minimising costly losses.

Used by retailers to hydro generators, chemical manufacturers to consultants, Meercat RiskView has the technical firepower and simplicity to keep everyone on the same page, solving problems consistently and efficiently.

For customer testimonials, visit: https://www.capterra.com/p/159248/RiskView/#reviews   



Company: HVAC & Refrigeration 
Product: Hazcool HZ15 range

HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering Ltd, part of the Nucore Group, is an international provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration solutions to the oil and gas, marine and petrochemical industries.

Generally, the most commonly available ATEX and IECEx-compliant cooling equipment require a three-phase power supply to the compressors which is an effective solution for most of the industry. Yet, there are many remote applications that require ATEX / IECEx-compliant equipment, but only have a single phase power supply available.

Our team of designers and engineers worked to implement our ATEX and IECEx-certified solution for single-phase powered hermetic scroll compressors into a number of temperature-control units. The Hazcool HZ15 range of compliant compressors has enabled us to provide clients with temperature-control products that require 1ph/240v to operate and are safe for hazardous (Zone 1 and Zone 2) environments.

HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering design and engineer fit-for-purpose temperature control units for hazardous and explosive environments (Zone 1 and Zone 2). The high specification ATEX-compliant HAZcool® product range is designed and manufactured with certified components and materials for use in the hazardous conditions found on offshore installations and petrochemical sites. 



Company: ExVeritas
Product: UKAS Inspection, Learn Ex Online and iEx Online

ExVeritas is an accredited product and management system certification body, testing laboratory and inspection body. We are also an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body and Test Laboratory. 

For sites, we offer safety consultancy on DSEAR and ATEX 153 including explosion risk assessments, area classification. In 2019 ExVeritas became the first (and only) fully UKAS accredited Ex Inspection Body for both electrical and non-electrical inspections and repair verification, setting a new standard for accredited safety of Ex Inspections.

ExVeritas is one of the only Training and Consultancy companies to provide FREE safety seminars every year, this year are we doing our free seminars in the UK and in the USA from our new test laboratory in Dallas.

ExVeritas qualify people with CompEx certification as well as specialist and bespoke training. To supplement the classroom based and practical training, ExVeritas has created a Free Online Training Portal for both pre- and post-course learning. It is designed to ‘maintain competence after training’ through continued professional development (CPD).

The portal also has free CPD accredited courses so that everyone globally can have access to the information needed to keep them safe, including free software tools.

Other specialist software tools for creating DSD’s, designing intrinsically safe circuits, flammable properties calculators for area classification and even mechanical ignition assessment tools are linked to specific courses and available to all delegates who attended these courses.

In addition to the free online learning portal, to celebrate five years of providing iEx (the world’s first ‘intelligent’ cloud-based Ex Inspection and Repair management system), ExVeritas have provided a version with no charge whatsoever to help smaller sites gain compliance with DSEAR/ATEX.



Company: ATEXInspect

ATEXInspect’s cloud-based software asset management system is used by industry leading manufacturers within ATEX zones. It is currently being used by one of our global clients to solve historical asset management issues. A global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of Chemical products experienced challenges with their asset management system and ATEX inspections, due to the untraceable nature of their paper-based system and obsolete database. By implementing ATEXInspect, we provided a comprehensive solution which transferred their current systems from a Microsoft access database and paper inspections to an all in one cloud-based solution. Their database was imported into ATEXInspect, providing global fault monitoring of multiple sites and replacing paper inspections with ATEX approved tablets. The market-leading client now has a traceable, time-efficient and compliant ATEX management system.