1. Technical Innovation – An innovative product or system for use in hazardous area environments.


Company: Eaton
Product: MTL SUM5

MTL SUM5 offers a single cabinet design, with ‘plug and play’ configurable modules for the five key marshalling functions. This eliminates the need for intricate wiring to interconnect the components, ultimately improving uptime and reducing the cost of wiring, installation and maintenance

1 cabinet design, 5 marshalling functions
- Intrinsically safe isolators
- Signal conditioning
- Relay interfaces
- Surge protection
- Loop disconnect

25% lower project execution costs
- Configuration is easy – no requirements for specialist engineering
- Marshalling component types reduced from 20 to 7
- SUM5 modularity allows for late changes in I/O type, surge, to be easily accommodated

50% reduction in marshalling cabinets
- 3m2 saving in rack room for each cabinet removed
- Every cabinet eliminated saves 270kg of weight



Company: Hawke International
Product: Cable gland conversion kit & Tightening Guide

Hawke International, the leading manufacturer of glands for harsh and hazardous environments, unveiled a range of 28 new glands featuring seven major innovations in September 2019. These innovations represent the biggest set of developments within global gland manufacture since Hawke introduced the first hazardous area cable gland more than 60 years ago.

Conversion Kit

The first key innovation is around Hawke’s hugely popular Universal 501/453 cold flow compliant cable gland, which has been a market leading Ex gland for the past two decades. The company developed a special conversion kit which enables the Universal to be easily converted into a barrier gland. 

Essentially this means that Hawke has created a ‘one gland, two applications’ proposition, allowing customer to purchase one gland for both their standard and barrier gland needs. Given that these glands typically make up 10-15 percent of the stock held by companies, it means major cost savings, stock flexibility and greater peace of mind. 

The conversion kit is available in two forms. The first is a quick, two-part hand mix putty, which is easy to use and has a cure time of 30 minutes. This is particularly useful where termination space for the gland is limited, or in situations where cables are running horizontally to the installation area. The second conversion kit uses a liquid, fast curing resin, which is injected into a unique clear compound chamber, allowing full visibility of the flameproof seal during installation and inspection.

Tightening Guide

Hawke unveiled a revolutionary, patented tightening guide which is now integrated into all its glands, as standard. The guide reduces the chance of glands being over or under tightened - a major health and safety issue for companies within harsh and hazardous environments. A gland that has been under tightened may allow water or dust into equipment, or the gland may become loose creating an electric shock risk. If a gland is over-tightened, the cable’s properties will be compromised, and the equipment may fail, or the cable may become damaged, which can then lead to explosion risk. The guide gives the installer and inspector a simple visual indicator, to show the cable gland has been tightened to the corresponding outside diameter (OD) of the cable being fitted.


In a world first, Hawke’s non-metallic, fully inspectable barrier seal has gained NEC certification, which means it is the only NEC certified compound gland to contain a non-metallic clear and fully inspectable resin chamber approved for use within the US.



Company: BEKA associates
Product: New alternative to Ex d indicators

BEKA associates has introduced two less expensive alternatives for flameproof Ex d loop powered indicators featuring large easy to read displays. The new IECEx and ATEX certified Ex eb instruments can be installed in Zones 1 and 2 in exactly the same way as a conventional flameproof Ex d 4/20mA loop powered indicator. They do not have entity parameters and do not require a Zener barrier or galvanic isolator.

Both indicators have an increased safety Ex eb GRP enclosure that provides IP66 environmental and impact protection for the field wiring terminals and the encapsulated Ex m and intrinsically safe Ex i display assembly. The enclosure provides similar mechanical and chemical protection as a conventional metal flameproof enclosure and incorporates a large toughened glass display window and a tactile elastomeric keypad allowing control and calibration while the instrument is operating in the hazardous area.

These new indicators also have Ex tb certification permitting installation in Zone 21 & 22 dust hazardous areas. They may also be used as an alternative for Ex nA indicators in Zone 2.
The BA304SG has a 4 digit 34mm high display and the BA324SG has a five digit 29mm high display with a 31 segment bargraph. A factory fitted loop powered display backlight is available as an option.

Instruments can be supplied ready for installation – calibrated to a customer's specification with the slide-in scale card printed with units of measurement and tag information plus if required, customer's company logo, all for no additional charge.

Additional information about this innovative multiple protection technique and how it has been used in these new indicators is contained in the BEKA Application Guide AG320, which may be downloaded from the BEKA website.



Company: Ex Dynamics
Product: ‘Linear Optic’ technology

Ex Dynamics has developed ‘Linear Optic’ technology for hazardous areas to utilise all the benefits of LED technology but address the serious drawbacks of glare and intensity. Our technology has human centric, efficiency and safety of operation benefits over all LED technology currently available and is patented and almost ready for launch. 



Company: Site Bright from Shindaiwa
Product: Ultra Rechargeable Floodlight

The new Ultra Rechargeable Floodlight is an ATEX Zone 1 approved floodlight. Its main advantages include:
- 8 hour operating time 
- 3200 Lumens output sustainable for a full 8 hours
- Latest technology Lithium Polymer batteries
- Super light weight, only 6kg
- Floats in water
- Highly robust and impact proof

The product offers the market a light weight solution for a mobile battery powered floodlight. Many other lamps on the market are constructed using heavy materials such as stainless steel and weigh considerably more. The light output of the unit is also considerably brighter than anything else on the market offering 3200 lumens for a full 8 hours.
Available as a carry item, magnetic, hook or tripod mountable, the Ultra Rechargeable has many options to direct light wherever the operator requires. The light is an essential addition for any Equipment Rental Company, Petro Chemical / Offshore Contractor, Tank Inspection or maintenance company.