2. PPTex Innovation – The best innovation in Personnel Protection Technologies (PPT) equipment incorporating electronic and technological systems that the user can wear, hold or use to improve safety within the process and high hazard industries.


Company: Pepperl+Fuchs ecom
Products: ATEX certified mobile computing and communication devices

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom is internationally one of the first addresses for mobile computing and communication devices for use in potentially hazardous areas. As an industry pioneer, Pepperl+Fuchs ecom has decisively developed explosion protection for mobile devices since 1986 and has proven its technological expertise with a multitude of innovations.

Pepperl+Fuchs ecom is the preferred brand for explosion-protected mobile phones, 4G smartphones and tablets that meet the highest requirements in industrial use. As part of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group, one of the world's leading companies in explosion protection and sensor technology, customers benefit from a comprehensive, end-to-end product portfolio for the hazardous area, which completely opens up new possibilities for the entire process automation.

In its four core disciplines “Communication”, “Mobile Computing”, “Portable Lighting” and “Measurement and Calibration Technology”, Pepperl+Fuchs ecom offers reliable intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof products, wireless peripheral devices, and smart software applications – all backed up with worldwide assistance from service centres and subsidiary offices to reduce your risk.

At the HazardEx event, we will be showcasing our application-oriented range of mobile phones, tablets, PDA’s, two-way radios, remote speaker microphones, headsets and HMI solutions, designed for use in harsh and potentially hazardous environments. There will also be an opportunity to try out our new products such as the  Zone 1 / Div 1 Android 4G/LTE Smartphone Smart-Ex® 02, the Smart-Ex® Watch 01, the Zone 1 / Div 1 Android 4G/LTE tablet Tab-Ex® 02 and our Ex-Camera Cube 800,  designed for safe operation in Ex-certified and rugged environments, bringing hands-free collaboration to the world’s toughest locations.



Company: Librestream
Product: Cube-Ex certified thermal imaging wearable

The Onsight Cube-Ex intrinsically safe industrial wearable is a uniquely portable inspection device that provides live video, HD pictures, and thermal imaging to guide teams through hands-free inspections in potentially hazardous environments. Using the Cube-Ex, teams can share live visuals to collaborate with remote subject matter experts, capture valuable information, and perform self-guided work. 

Dual cameras inside

With dual HD optical and thermal imaging cameras inside, you can choose between thermal, HD video, and fusion mode to see and capture valuable infrastructure health and trending data. The integrated light ring and laser aim pointer ensure high quality visuals even in poorly lit environments.

The thermal imaging camera provides an additional layer of safety for workers. Inspections can be completed from a safe distance including a non-destructive inspection option for hazardous environments. Thermal imaging is commonly used to:

• Perform quick environmental scans of mechanical equipment and heaters 
• Pinpoint potential leaks and steam traps 
• Assess electrical systems including eroded and loose wires
• Monitor if equipment is running too hot
• Find material defects and hot spots



Company: RealWear
Product: RealWear HMT-1Z1

The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is the only commercially available wearable computer approved for use in ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1 hazardous environments. Workers in Oil & Gas, Chemical processing, and other high hazard industries use HMT-1Z1 to get real-time guidance from remote experts, improve their productivity with digital checklists, and complete preventive maintenance with IIoT Visualisation, avoiding costly downtime. Most importantly, HMT-1Z1 helps improve worker safety with its voice-operated and hands-free user experience.

Oil Majors around the world are using HMT-1Z1 to improve knowledge transfer among new employees and experienced workers. 



Company: Re-Gen Robotics
Product: Explosion proof, robotic cleaning technology

In response to market demand for safety and efficiency in tank cleaning, Re-Gen Robotics has developed bespoke explosion proof, robotic cleaning technology, that can easily manoeuvre into confined spaces.

Traditionally, personnel have had to enter oil tanks to implement inspections, de-sludge and clean for product change. Although safety regulations and industry standards are stringent, accidents can occur due to human error and the failure of safety devices.

Re-Gen Robotics has invested £2.5 million in creating three purpose-built, Ex Zone 0 rated robots. The large robots are designed to fit through a standard 600mm entry hatch via an extending ramp and de-sludge, wash and clean large-scale tanks including fixed roof and floating roof tanks. Once cleaning is complete, the robot safely exits the container via its ramp and is returned to the control unit.

A smaller, compact robot is suitable for use on smaller sites and underground fuel storage tanks and containers. The small robot can move through a 450 mm entry hatch, ideal for use in petrol forecourts, interceptors and process tanks.

The robots are designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments and with specialised access cranes, remote camera systems and engineering expertise, any size or shape of tank can be cleaned.

The company’s vision is to become the most efficient, safe and predictable tank cleaning service provider to the industry. Already their robotic cleaning technology is making a monumental difference to safety and they are confident that it will be adopted as best practice across the tank cleaning sector.

Re-Gen Robotics offers realistic a proven alternative to ‘man entry’ tank cleaning. The health and safety of personnel engaged in tank cleaning is paramount. Using robotic equipment to carry out works in hazardous confined spaces is the most logical and safe way to clean tanks.



Company: Ledlenser

The newest additions from Ledlenser, the world leader in LED portable lighting, is a range of intrinsically safe ATEX compliant torches and headlamps designed for those that work in any hazardous area yet who demand the very best in safety illumination.

As expected from a brand that is renowned and trusted worldwide by millions of users, the Ledlenser Atex Series of lights are a cut above the rest.

Powerful enough to light up even the darkest of crevice’s or turn night into day, each light is stylishly designed and packed full of class leading features that combine harmoniously together thanks to precision German engineering. To further reinforce the quality of these lights, a 5-year standard warranty is extended to 7-years with online registration of the product for complete peace of mind.

Ledlenser’s Patented Advanced Focusing Optics feature for spot (distance) or flood (near) illumination is a stand out technology from their core range of torches and headlamps, valued highly by users. This key feature has also been incorporated into the majority of the Atex series models enabling total beam focusing flexibility in a single light.

Each light is certified in accordance with European Union ATEX safety regulations, impervious to dust, water resistant to an extremely high level and specifically engineered for protection against explosive gases, fumes and dust as defined in groups IIC and IIIC.

Each of the three Gas Zones (0, 1, 2) and the three Dust Zones (20, 21, 22) have dedicated lights within the Ledlenser Atex Series range.

Paresh Ruparelia, Ledlenser UK & Ireland says: "We’ve waited a long time for a Ledlenser Atex compliant Series, and it was worth the wait! Seriously powerful illumination, state-of-the-technologies, a host of useful features and all backed by a 7-year with registration warranty for complete peace of mind, ensures that these lights will become the first choice for anybody working in hazardous areas where quality, reliable light is essential."