3. Best User Application – An application story highlighting the benefits of a product, system or service for use in hazardous areas.


Company: Institute of Measurement & Control, Ex Special Interest Group

This special interest group is dedicated to the management of Explosive Atmosphere (Ex) hazards, that will be familiar territory for many members. In some respects, the SIG is a sister to the established functional safety SIG that also serves a discipline that enjoys(?) interest from the regulatory authorities.

The Ex-SIG is responsible for promoting awareness and understanding of Ex matters. The main focus is the set of associated practices and regulations. These areas continue to develop and represent significant challenges for guidance and understanding.

The SIG aims to organise conferences, workshops and seminars on Ex matters, and to prepare papers for publication. These may be self-initiated, by agreement with other SIG or Local Sections, or by co-sponsorship with other bodies where appropriate. The SIG will provide a forum for the members to meet, exchange experiences and share learning.

The SIG also aims to be a disinterested (as distinct from uninterested!) voice in the industry, providing a corrective to the promotion, by vested interests, of provisions that may not be properly aligned with the interest of users. 

The SIG oversees a new qualification in the Ex domain: ‘Registered Explosive Atmospheres Engineer’ (RExE). This differs from many of the qualifications available following short course attendance, (many of which are specifically designed for artificers), in that it is only available to registered engineers (I.Eng/CEng, or equivalent qualification in jurisdictions beyond the UK), that can demonstrate through peer review, the appropriate competence & commitment at a professional level.



Company: Pruftechnik
Product: ROTALIGN touch EX

Working in hazardous areas not only makes for a dangerous and unsafe workplace, but high restrictions are necessary to avoid any dangers to man and machine. PRUFTECHNIK, the laser alignment specialist and world market leader, is renowned for its high-quality systems for industrial reliability and predictive maintenance. ROTALIGN touch EX is the latest laser alignment system to demonstrate how cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology support workers in ATEX rated zones. Due to its logical features and the perfectly shaped 3D user-interface, ROTALIGN touch EX is the best in class for “Best User Application”.

Benefits of laser precision alignment:

- Increased power consumption to load ratio
- Longer machine lifecycle
- Less vibration leading to less wear
- Decreased power consumption
- Lower temperatures on bearing, coupling and lubrication
- Lower costs for spare parts storing

We are well aware that when saying “PRUFTECHNIK is setting the benchmark in Ex-rated laser alignment systems”, our responsibility is to fulfil those expectations and to even exceed them. But we are ready to prove it!



Company: WIKA Instruments

WIKA Instruments Ltd, launched their new exhibition, training and educational vehicle (EV) which will be showcased at the Hazardex 2020 exhibition.

The EV is a unique multi-purpose, mobile exhibition and training vehicle. The EV is a tool where we display our product portfolio. In essence, we can bring our products, services and technology to the customers. The EV is fitted throughout with working products that can be seen, touched and felt and essentially seen in working operation. It truly is a unique opportunity for all.

The vehicle will also be used for staff training but perhaps more importantly, to universities and colleges where the next generation of engineers can be captured.



Company: Hytera
Product: Two-way radios

Intrinsically safe professional mobile radios not only provide highly efficient, instant group communications for industries working with hazardous materials, but also offer multiple safety applications for workers and added-value SCADA capabilities.

From the simple PMR446 radio for everybody to the LTE multi-mode radio for police officers and other professional users: our portfolio provides the right radio for every application purpose. As a full-service provider, this also includes, in addition to analog radios, products that were developed in accordance with the open radio standards Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). All DMR radios support not only analog operating modes, but also various digital modes, such as DMR trunked radio or XPT digital trunking.



Company: Chalmit
Product: Protecta X

Chalmit’s emergency version of the Protecta X has an innovative hot-swappable battery stick which slots into the side of the luminaire. This eliminates the need to laboriously open the driver enclosure to access the battery. If battery issues arise, the stick can be simply removed or replaced in minutes, while the luminaire is still energised – reducing maintenance times by at least a third. 

The position of the battery stick also means users can purchase the stick when they’re ready to use the luminaire. Chalmit’s Senior Lighting Specialist, Ken Eddleston explains why this is such an important feature: 

“A luminaire is often delivered to site well in advance of project completion. However, the longer you leave a battery unpowered, the more likely it is to fall into an unrecoverable deep discharge state – resulting in expensive and time-consuming maintenance of the unit before it has even been used!  We’ve eliminated this big problem; if they want to, users can simply purchase the battery stick when they’re ready to use the luminaire.”