ZOA Robotics’ mission is to provide a serviced robotic solution for regular inspection of industrial sites. Our robots are designed to create large, data dense maps of entire sites, providing an incredibly detailed picture of plant assets.

Our robot platform Zeta can carry a range of sensors and will perform routine inspections and operator rounds autonomously or under tele-operation from a remote location.

Zeta is equipped with a range of sensors for routine inspections and operator rounds:

• High definition cameras creating a 3D digital twin of the site
• Thermal camera for hot-spot and leakage identification, exterior insulation damage
• Gas sensors for leaks and hazards

Data from these sensors is reported through our cloud portal.

For more information please contact Thiago Azevedo. 
Email: thiago@zoarobotics.com 
Our website: www.zoarobotics.com