CompEx is the international scheme for competency validation and certification of personnel who work in explosive atmospheres. Through a network of independent training and assessment centres, the CompEx Scheme supports practitioners in a range of industrial sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and utilities.

The Scheme was developed over 25 years ago to provide the UK oil and gas sector with credible assurance of the transferable skills and competency of electrical and mechanical technicians and engineers operating in hazardous areas. Since that time CompEx has continued to develop, incorporating a range of competency qualifications to embrace a diverse range of roles and industrial settings.

The current modules for Gas & Vapours (Ex01-04); Dust (Ex05 & 06); Fuel Forecourts (Ex07 & 08); Water Utilities (Ex09 & 10); Non-Electrical/Mechanical (Ex11); Application Design Engineers (Ex 12A & 12B) & Responsible Persons (Ex 14) meet the requirements for all the roles identified in the IEC Standards 60079 Parts 14 (Annex A) & Part 17 (Annex B).

New modules continue to be developed and include a Functional Safety Foundation Course and Technician Course, which will expand the CompEx Scheme into a related specialist subject area of Process Safety, as set out in the IEC Standard 61511.

In response to the challenges and disruption of Covid-19, CompEx is working to develop new blended and on-line routes for learning and assessment with its stakeholders to ensure that competency and safety continue to be supported. As part of this plan, CompEx and its centre network will provide an ongoing programme of professional development to support practitioners throughout their careers.

Quality and impartiality are essential, and CompEx is the only Ex competency scheme to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17024:2012 – Conformity Assessment – General Requirements of bodies offering Certification of Persons.

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