Advanced use of hazardous area related data and documents, combined with mobile devices to substantially improve inspections and reduce time and cost.

The inspection of equipment rated for hazardous areas are subject to repeat mandatory inspections with the completion of IEC 60079-17 check sheets.

Minimising the time inspections take without compromising safety is a goal of many prudent organisations.

This presentation will show you how inspections can be tackled differently to reduce time on site, increase the long term effectiveness of inspections and improve management of change.

Evidence shows the advanced use of related data and documents combined with mobile devices will substantially reduce the time spent carrying out inspections without cutting any corners.

Halving your costs is achievable if you adopt the techniques explained.

If you want to learn more, please come along to Steve's session.

Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson is a Chartered Engineer with a practical engineering knowledge of all phases of major projects. Prior to forming Phusion, Steve worked for BP as a Senior Engineer, specialising in Instrumentation, Control and IT issues. 

He is widely recognised as an authority in the field of engineering content management and is regularly asked to speak at conferences and seminars. Steve has helped many organisations to define their information needs and his practical and pragmatic approach to handling engineering content has enabled clients to save many millions of pounds.