EXHEAT Industrial offers fast-track solutions suited to the diverse requirements of the industrial sector, providing a wide range of pre-engineered electrical heating systems for use in hazardous locations.

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience, we have engineered a comprehensive range of standard design hazardous area heaters and temperature controllers that have been carefully analysed and manufactured in our facility in the UK. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ requirements are met and backed up by a level of service and safety standards necessary to operate in a global market.

Key product categories:

· Space Heaters: Radiator, convector and fan-type heaters designed for smaller enclosures/cabinets or larger room/containers. Our range of industrial and hazardous area air warmers are designed to provide stable convection heating for use in smaller enclosures/cabinets, containers, as well as mid-sized rooms or spaces.

Our portable and fixed fan heaters provide an efficient air heating solution and are certified for use in hazardous environments. Engineered to offer high capacity heating that can be felt even at a distance, our fan heaters are suitable for use in spacious areas and also for temporary heating solutions.

· Immersion Heaters: Stab-in heaters for direct immersion into process fluids, manufactured with low-watt density rod/hairpin, ceramic core or cartridge-type heating element options

· Line Heaters: A comprehensive range of line heaters providing clean, safe and efficient heating for bulk liquid (corrosive/non-corrosive) flow applications

· Temperature Sensors / Controls: Weatherproof and flameproof industrial sensors/controls that can be provided as standalone components or integrated with our heaters

Industries and applications:

· Chemicals
· Fuel oil
· Frost protection
· Hot water heating system
· Machinery and plant construction
· Motor enclosures
· Natural gas
· Offshore containers
· Power engineering
· Tank heating

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