Ensuring Explosion Safety; ATEX modification of State of the Art industrial equipment. HVAC, Wi-Fi, digital Camera and custom machinery.

Ex-Machinery, specialized in manufacturing explosion proof HVAC equipment and Wi-Fi systems, recently added the Armadex ATEX zone 2 camera to its product line.

Compliance to ATEX standards and working with State of the Art equipment is what Ex-Machinery brings to the market of explosion proof equipment. We deliver ATEX certified devices with full functionality as one expects today.

Ex-Machinery is looking forward to exhibiting at HazardEx 2021, presenting our standard equipment and a selection of our custom explosion proof solutions.

View our products here and explore the real products in our HazardEx 2021 stand.

ATEX air conditioners, conversion of premium brands
ATEX Wi-Fi access point, plug and play model, long range
ATEX Wi-Fi antenna, omni-directional, high gain
ATEX digital Camera, optical zoom for crystal clear pictures

Ex-Machinery keeps your gas and/or dust Ex-areas cool, warm, or connected to the world and safe for your employees, infrastructure, and assets!

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