There is growing interest in the use of hydrogen as part of a decarbonised energy system, with the UK government recently publishing its hydrogen strategy.

As a result, more organisations are starting to carry out product and service development for hydrogen applications. Whilst the use of any flammable gas requires compliance with DSEAR, hydrogen's reputation as a particularly energetic substance is of prime safety concern in many users' minds. Areas of commonality and difference between hydrogen and natural gas will be discussed, along with upcoming guidance to help ensure safe operations.

Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin is the Consultancy Team Lead at Kiwa Gastec. Kiwa Gastec provides energy consultancy services including feasibility studies, research and development, verification of greenhouse gas emissions, operative certification and product testing services for a wide range of commercial customers. A chartered engineer with 18 years of consultancy, design and operations experience in the chemical industry, Paul concentrates on innovative research and development issues, and technical support to clients focussing on hydrogen gas applications. His industry experience in hydrogen production and chemical plants is particularly valuable for projects supporting hydrogen production, handling and use.