With so many poorly designed and written courses, no wonder e-learning often has a bad reputation. However, designed right, e-learning is a highly pedagogic, entertaining, and effective training method and can be used as stand-alone training or blended learning together with classroom and practical training.

It's all about increasing knowledge and do training as efficient as possible. The key to success lays in the quality, and creative use of new technology that makes e-learning a preferred choice of training on specific subjects.

How to truly make high quality e-learning that engages and motivates the students?

For most workers, training is purely a necessity. To change this attitude, we need to make high quality courses, engaging and inspiring every worker to learn, develop and remember. Trainor will discuss the processes needed to ensure content quality and the best learning outcome for the targeted audience, how to improve engagement and the highest learning retention and use of e-learning in combination with classroom and practical training to reduce knowledge fatigue and improve learning experience.

Rolf Kinck – Senior Key Account Manager, Trainor

Rolf Kinck's area of responsibility in Trainor is customers within sectors such as oil & gas, industry, engineering and electrical installation companies. His extensive experience from electro and automation work in the Norwegian Navy and as sales manager for IKM Instrutek, accompanies several years as a Trainor course instructor before joining the sales team.

Morten Aasen – Chief Commercial Officer, Trainor

Morten is responsible for customer interactions and the internalization of Trainor. His career contains of decades within the maritime sector, the latest 7 years in a leading maritime education company. Morten has a vast experience from companies developing digital training solutions and competence management solutions for the oil and gas sector.