Cable glands are often seen as simple products, but in Ex applications they require more consideration. This is reflected in the fact that there is a separate Annex about cable glands in IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-1 as well as dedicated sections in IEC 60079-14 for their selection and installation.

The selection and correct installation of cable glands can be the difference between a good Ex installation and a potentially unsafe one.

The situation is even more critical when the Ex installation is offshore, and particularly if it is in the North Sea. The presentation will look at the particular challenges relating to cable gland selection and installation for this environment. Topics covered will include the choice of cable glands to deal with coldflow in cables (including de-bunking some popular myths), the importance of the correct type and quality of nickel plating for the protection of cable glands and the role that deluge seals have to play in protecting cables from corrosion. The benefits of modern barrier glands will also be discussed.

The presentation should be of interest and value to specifiers and installers of cable glands.

Dr. Geof Mood

Dr. Geof Mood has been the Technical Director for CCG Cable Terminations for the last 7 years. He has specialised in the design, development and certification of cable glands and accessories for over 16 years but has also been involved in product development and certification of a variety of products such as heating, lighting and compressed air cylinders for many more years than he cares to admit to. Dr. Mood is an active member of a number of National and International standards committees which he attends as a cable gland expert.