This paper describes how adopting AI-powered digital HSE systems can transform a critical offshore process across global oil and gas assets, improving safety and increasing workforce reporting.

It overcomes challenges associated with the traditional HSE paper card system in engaging workforces and reporting issues impacting on safety visibility.

By applying a cloud-based intuitive platform, AI powered technology fully automates the safety observation programme for the first time, providing live visual dashboards and intelligent analytics tools to aid decision-making and improve safety performance.

To allow for varying levels of digital readiness across diverse company structures, the digital solution includes both an app for mobile phone and tablet use offshore and a paper card specifically designed for conversion to digital data using machine learning, providing the foundations of an all-inclusive solution.

Adopted by global drilling rig operator Noble, these features were deployed across 22 offshore assets simultaneously, regardless of digital readiness or the location and country of operation.

Noble reported a 30% increase in safety reporting indicating a clear boost in engagement by the workforce; an estimated 15,000 hours, and 500,000 paper cards were saved each year.

This translates to a 70% cost reduction and savings of $1 million annually.

This ground-breaking innovation is a blue-print project that demonstrates the potential of AI-drive solutions to transform and optimise critical business processes in high-risk and high-cost operational activities, not only within oil and gas, but any high-hazard industry.

Adrian Brown, Founder & Managing Director, Fennex

Adrian Brown is the founder and Managing Director of Fennex, an innovative and fast-growing technology company with a passion to accelerate the digital transformation within the energy sector. With industry expertise built over +28 years, Adrian has extensive experience as a global senior business leader in engineering and operations for the Deepwater Offshore drilling sector within Schlumberger and Transocean in countries across Europe, West Africa and North America. Adrian has led his team at Fennex to build a strong partnership with key international players in the offshore industry, and successfully delivers pioneering and disruptive innovations.