The aim of this presentation is to provide an update by the Regulator on a number of key messages affecting Major Hazard industries and Operators of Essential Services across the energy sector.

The Electrical and Control Systems (ECS) team would also like take this opportunity to show their approach in conducting Offshore Inspections and explain alternative ways of working, like hybrid / remote interventions, identified as a direct result of the limitations imposed on us all by the global pandemic – COVID19.

About the author:

Robert Snodgrass is an Electrical and Control Specialist Inspector with Energy Division (Offshore) at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Marine Engineer. He has 8 and a half years’ experience as a regulatory and specialist HSE offshore inspector, ensuring that duty holders of offshore installations are complying with UK Health and Safety Legislation. He also has 3 years’ experience working for an oil and gas company as an Onshore Electrical Support Engineer. He has 22 years’ experience working in the Nuclear Field as a Nuclear Submariner in various roles including Simulator Instructor, Assessor and Trainer, Reactor Systems Nuclear Procedure Co-ordinator, Combined role of Nuclear Plant Supervisor and Maintenance Superintendent (EC&I), Quality Assurance and Quality Control Supervisor, Combined role of Nuclear Plant Operator and Maintenance Manager(EC&I). He represents the HSE at the OEUK Special Interest Group meetings (C&I and Electrical) and on the British Standards JPEL/18 Committee.