Hydrogen has already established a key role in the low carbon energy mix of the future, however concerns associated with flammability and explosion risks remain.

Ammonia offers to be a potential carbon-free hydrogen carrier that could be utilised to facilitate the transport and storage of hydrogen at lower risk. This presentation compare the properties and behaviours of the two gases drawing on the results of extensive full scale VCE testing performed by BakerRisk in recent years. It also considers if unconfined hydrogen vapour cloud explosions are credible.

About the author:

Robert Magraw is the Operations Manager of BakerRisk Europe Ltd. He has an extensive career of over thirty years in safety and risk management, including twelve years in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors and over eighteen years in the nuclear industry. His main areas of technical practice currently include PHA, SIS/SIL, QRA, audit, insurance risk engineering, and management system development. He was previously head of environment, health, safety, and quality for an international nuclear services company. He also managed the corporate HSE management system and assurance program for a major international nuclear business with a global portfolio of nuclear and non-nuclear operations.

Mr. Magraw is a member of IChemE Hazards Technical Committee and the European Process Safety Centre Technical Steering Group. He is also a TUV certified functional safety engineer.

He has presented technical papers and workshops at numerous conferences in Europe and the Middle East.