In 2019 Northern Gas Networks and Cadent gas networks along with the Health & Safety Executive set out to generate evidence and prove the concept of blending up to 20% Hydrogen into the UK gas network is viable and above all safe.

This presentation will illustrate the two blending solutions implemented by Thyson, how they were developed through the phases over the demonstration period. We will also highlight some of the further work required in the transition from 100% Natural Gas in our system to a decarbonised blend, and highlight some challenges that may lie ahead.

About the author:

Neil Stuchbury is the Sales Director of Thyson Technology, based in Ellesmere Port. Thyson’s ethos is to innovate and development solutions for the hazardous and industrial environments we work in, we are here to solve complex problems for our partners bringing together the best of breed technology into packaged solutions. Neil’s achievements include enacting change of statutory regulations enabling the use of a new type of measurement technology for UK energy billing and leading the design concepts of the very first phases of biomethane to grid measurement stations installed in the UK, the concept of which has been developed into gas network Hydrogen blending stations.