Terry McDonald from Thorne & Derrick will be speaking at Hazardex Live! 2023 about the problems posed by fake products and certificates, including incorrectly certified products, that enter the market. He will look at just how big the problem is and highlight some solutions to the issue.

Safety and compliance should always come first but unfortunately there are companies that make cost and profit their priority.

There are many examples of fake goods and incorrectly certified products being sold into the explosive atmosphere industry, but just how big is this problem and how can we all take our share of the responsibility to prevent this? The discussion will highlight some recent examples of fake/non-compliant products and how training and competency levels must improve throughout the supply chain to combat this problem.

Terry McDonald

Terry McDonald is Sales Manager at Thorne & Derrick and joined the company in 2005 as a graduate technical sales engineer. He has headed their Hazardous Area sales division since 2014 and has many years of experience working with Tier 1 and 2 COMAH sites in the UK, as well as clients around the world. He is a passionate supporter of innovation, sharing best practice & knowledge with the aim of improving safety & compliance within the industry.