John Harris, Technical Development Manager at CompEx, will be presenting at Hazardex Live! 2023. Using a water utilities qualification as an example, he will explore the review and development process associated with the qualification and also explain the processes associated with the creation of a revised qualification.

To remain relevant and meet stakeholder requirements, competency-based qualifications that cover a variety of roles and hazards associated with safe working practices in explosive atmospheres are reviewed periodically. The existing CompEx water utilities qualification covers the preparation, installation, inspection and maintenance of Ex ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘n’, ‘p’, ‘t’ and ‘i’ protection concepts in areas where gas, vapour and dust hazards exist within the water industry and its associated environments.

This paper will explore the review and development process associated with the water utilities qualification; from the establishment of a stakeholder working group and creating job role profiles, to the development of learning outcomes and assessment criteria set against IEC 60079-14 & 17, as well as the specific utilities document, WIMES specification 3.02D.

The paper will also explain the processes associated with the creation of a revised qualification that meets the exacting requirements set by our industry partners and meets the accreditation conditions of ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

With the ever-increasing depth and complexity of the subject material, the need to implement different learning techniques and styles is becoming more important. Preparation is key, and pre-course learning combined with formative and summative assessments integrated into the overall delivery programme is highlighted as a measure that best prepares learners for the range of practical assessments and theoretical examinations required by CompEx. Once their initial assessment of knowledge and skills have been successfully completed, this paper will also explore how continual professional development fits into the overall competency framework.

John Harris

John Harris is the Technical Development Manager at CompEx. A time served electrician with experience installing and maintaining E, C and I equipment in the Oil and Gas, Steel and Power Generation sectors, John joined CompEx’s parent company JTL over 15 years ago, training and assessing candidates in Electrical Engineering before joining the CompEx team.

John also has extensive experience of working in the Regulated and Non-Regulated qualifications sector, developing National Occupational Standards, Vocational Qualifications, Training Standards and Technical Tests across a range of engineering disciplines. John plays a key role in managing the development and ongoing review of the CompEx qualifications portfolio. He also provides subject matter expertise for explosive atmospheres, including the relevant technical standards, industry best practice and guidance.