At Hazardex Live! 2023, Shane Harrison from CSA Group will be discussing the role of drawing packs in the certification process, the impacts of non-compliant packs, and how to ensure drawing packs are completed correctly.

Compliance failures can occur when the drawings and supporting documentation that illustrate product conformity (drawing packs) are done incorrectly. By paying close attention to the design standards and documentation guidelines for Ex products early on (before product assessment and testing stages of the certification process), manufacturers can avoid testing failures related to their drawing packs, as well as the time delays and additional costs that come with discovering failures during testing of product samples.

Drawing packs have value before, during, and after certification has been completed. A drawing pack is a set of graphical drawings and text used to illustrate the conformity of a product with the relevant standards.

If available, the drawing packs can also assist with the issuance of an accurate quotation for certification. The documentation helps evaluators assess that a sample of the Ex product complies with relevant safety standards and provides a record of the protection techniques chosen to ensure that the product is safe in a hazardous environment.

The paper will talk about:

- What role do drawing packs play in the certification process
- What are the impacts of non-compliant drawing packs
- What are some common mistakes related to drawing packs
- How you can ensure your drawing packs are completed correctly
- What are the specific requirements for Ex products
- Why is it important to minimize testing failures of Ex products before the evaluation process begins

Shane Harrison

Shane Harrison is a Hazardous locations certification engineer at CSA group. He has eight years of experience in product certification, predominantly focused around flameproof equipment (Ex d), however he has experience across a wide range of standards. Prior to his career in certification, Shane worked for 20 years in the UK Coal industry, installing and maintaining underground hazardous area equipment.