Chris Agius, International Executive Secretary of IECEx, will be providing an update on the organisation's activities and Certification Tools at Hazardex Live! 2023.

It has been more than 20 years since the first IECEx report or Certificate was issued and since those humble beginnings, IECEx has evolved into the “Global Standard”, accepted by industry and Governments when conducting testing and certification of Ex related Equipment, Services and Personal Competence in the many industries where flammable and combustible materials are extracted, processed, stored and used. 

While formally endorsed in 2011 by the United Nations UNECE, via its “Common Regulatory Objective” publication, as world’s best practise and recommended model for regulating in the Ex areas, this endorsement has been re-enforced in 2019. 

While covering Equipment and services related to the use of equipment in areas where Hydrogen (H2) maybe present, since commencement, expansion of IECEx activities to cover H2 Standards and aspects beyond traditional explosion protection (both electrical and mechanical) means that IECEx is the “go to place” for certification aspects related to economies utilising H2 including the emerging Green Hydrogen economy, such as equipment and services associated with production, transportation and dispensing of H2.

This presentation will provide an update of the IECEx activities and Certification Tools that facilitate world trade in Equipment, Assemblies and Services and how IECEx can also be used to bridge between differing national regulations through its “Fast Track” provisions.  The updated IECEx “On-Line Certificate System” will also be demonstrated.

Chris Agius

Chris, is the International Executive Secretary with CEO operational responsibilities for the International IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres, IECEx and also the IECQ, operated by the IEC (International Eletrotechnical Commission) Head Office in Geneva. He has held the IECEx Executive Secretary position since the IECEx System began more than 25 years ago thru to present day where IECEx has achieved formal endorsement by the United Nations via the UNECE.

Chris has a longstanding involvement in the development of National and International Standards and Certification systems and has held various key positions in the Standards Australia Group including those associated with the development and management of Product and Service-related certification schemes.

Chris has extensive experience in the design, development and commissioning of process control instrumentation; the design installation and commissioning of industrial installations, as well as electrical testing and engineering investigation of industrial equipment and control processes.

Chris’s background is in Electrical Engineering coupled with engineering compliance including experience as an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Auditor and an IECEx and IECQ Lead Assessor.
He is member of various International ISO CASCO Expert Working Groups dealing with International Standards on Conformity Assessment and also the author of numerous papers and presentations on the subject of National, Regional and International certification, inspection, testing systems.

With the IEC Head Office based in Geneva, IEC have various Regional Offices, with Chris also responsible for the IEC Sydney based Office. Chris is also a recipient of the prestigious “HazardEx Life-Time Achievement Award” for contributions to the industry.