We are one of the world's leading independent providers of testing, inspection, certification and consultancy services, with more than 150 years of tradition. More than 20,000 experts around the globe work for TÜV Rheinland Group. We strive for quality and safety in the interaction between people, technology, and the environment. Our greatest asset is our immense expertise, which we apply in a meaningful way.

On the road to sustainable management, companies need clearly defined goals and a concept for how to achieve them - tasks that TÜV Rheinland solves competently and professionally. Our tests, assessments, trainings, and certifications set standards in many industries worldwide, true to the motto: We make the world a safer place. Today for Tomorrow.

We can also advise you on how to set up an efficient and effective occupational health and safety management system and support you in the efficient and safe implementation of occupational health and safety regulations. Our goal is to make your employees' work, organisation and behaviour health-promoting - permanently and sustainably.

By using the latest technology and innovative digital methods and learning formats, we combine TÜV Rheinland's technical expertise with our know-how in occupational health and safety.

Every company has its own culture: How do we treat each other; how do we behave? Part of the corporate culture is the safety culture, which determines how health and safety is actively practiced in the company. This is what Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) is all about. Behaviour-based safety identifies the causes of unsafe working practices and negligent safety-related behaviour and develops possible solutions together with all levels of the organisation. The focus is on employees and their own actions: Managers and employees are encouraged and empowered to recognise and identify risks and to work as a team to develop and implement improvements for their area of work. The benefit of this active and interactive involvement is that the resulting safety rules are not simply followed but are understood by everyone involved and become an integral part of life.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand and presenting our safety culture solution!