Chris Buttrick, Principal Specialist Inspector, Health & Safety Executive, will be providing an update at Hazardex Live 2024 on a number of key messages affecting Major Hazard industries and Operators of Essential Services across the Chemical and Energy sectors.

The Electrical, Control and Cyber Security (ECCS) team will also be taking the opportunity to communicate how their delivery guide ensures consistency of inspection of ECCS aspects of risk control from Hazard through to Ex equipment.

About the author:

Chris Buttrick joined HSE in 2017 as an Electrical, Control and Instrumentation (EC&I), Specialist Inspector of HSE’s Chemicals, Explosives and Microbiological Hazards Division (CEMHD). Before joining HSE he worked for 5 years in EC&I Engineering and management roles at a single start-up COMAH establishment. Prior to that, he has a wealth of experience in consumer goods manufacturing, latterly in management but starting out as, and always remaining an engineer at heart. He is a focused and committed Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET).

A committed lifelong learner, he draws on all his career experiences including several changes of career direction to make the EC&I inspection topics accessible to the sites he inspects, and the regulatory colleagues he works with. As a fairly new topic, he is struck by the applicability of skills gained through his electronics hobby as a teenager to the inspection of cyber security. Currently acting up as Principal Specialist Inspector for the ECCS discipline within CEMHD, heading up a nationwide team of front line ECCS specialists.