Rolf Kinck, Sales Manager at Trainor, will speak at Hazardex Live 2024 about the transferability of skills following the energy transition and the need to train, or re-train, engineers for the transition.

This presentation will look at the key competencies in traditional industries and new industries and how they crossover. Rolf will also discuss the need to calibrate knowledge and competence, as well as the need to train mechanical workers following the energy transition. Finally, Rolf will also discuss the need to train electricians following the energy transition.

About the author:

Rolf Kinck's is Sales Manager for Trainor Norway and has deep knowledge and competence as subject experts within sectors such as oil & gas, industry, engineering, and electrical installation companies. His extensive experience from electro and automation work in the Norwegian Navy and as sales manager for IKM Instrutek, accompanies several years as a Trainor course instructor before joining the sales team.