At Hazardex Live 2024, Andy Cummings, Senior Principal Consultant at DNV, will discuss the importance of competency as part of the Energy Transition.

Competence in the traditional Oil and Gas sector is critical and fundamental to the safe operations. As part of the Energy Transition, it is vital as new energy sources and technologies are developed that the competency routes are quickly aligned to the transitioning process. 

The introduction of new energy systems into the industry is at risk without the development for competent and skilled workers at all levels.  The development of competency frameworks needs to be completed in tandem. 

About the author:

Andy Cummings is a Chartered Engineer with over 37 years’ experience in gas engineering. His career to date has spanned both a practical route, from an engineering apprentice, via academia to a senior management position in DNV. He is a successful business leader, a Senior Principal Consultant and Business Development Lead, working at DNV Research and Development.

He is a member of the senior management team at DNV Research and Development in the UK and Ireland and is  involved in Business Development and Strategy Development. He is an authority in developing large project opportunities in the hydrogen and carbon capture sectors focussing on technical and safety evidence gaps for research. He has successfully developed and worked on high profile hydrogen projects for National Gas on FutureGrid, FutureGrid Phase 2, Deblending and Purification mobility projects UK, and the H21 Projects for Northern Gas Networks. Andy is a Fellow of the Institution Gas Engineers and Managers and held the position of president in 2017.