Dan Allason, Principal Consultant at DNV, will be presenting at Hazardex Live 2024 on the hazards related to new energy and the need to fill knowledge gaps.

Hazards associated with new energy solutions need to be well understood to inform decision making on the transition. The legacy Oil & Gas industry has a wealth of many decades worth of research into the behaviours of hazardous substances and this can be drawn upon to help determine comparative risk of transitioning to new solutions.

In addition, there is an ever-building body of research and understanding about the hazards posed by new energy solutions. Some knowledge gaps remain and will only ever be filled by larger and larger experimental programmes, model development alongside the uptick in deployment.

Learning from past research at scale has advantages in reducing the time to fulfil knowledge gaps. The presentation here will present the hazards associated with new energy and, where relevant, compare them to that of traditional solutions whilst highlighting what knowledge gaps remain.

About the author:

Dan Allason has been conducting large-scale, Major Hazards research for more than 16 years at DNV’s Spadeadam Research Centre in Cumbria, UK. He has seen the focus of the energy industry’s major hazards research change from traditional hydrocarbon based fuels over to proposed energy transition related substances: hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide and lithium-ion batteries. Dan has led scientific efforts on research programmes relating to large scale fires, explosions, gas dispersion, component failures whilst also acting as an investigator for DNV’s explosion investigation service.