Kwerk is a manufacturer and full range supplier of plastic products for the chemical industry and process engineering. Our B2B online shop has a brand new ATEX category which contains products in the sections pipe systems, ventilation, tanks and accessories, measuring / control systems, pumps, valves, static mixers, strainers.

Kwerk GmbH, a leading provider of industrial equipment, has introduced a new category of ATEX-certified products on its online platform to expand its diverse product range. With this addition, the company reinforces its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for customers in the industrial, chemical, food, and process industries.

Based in Germany, Kwerk GmbH has established itself as a one-stop-shop for plants and equipment, collaborating with over 45 manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The company's extensive online range includes renowned brands such as FIP, Hayward, IPS, Durapipe, HOKA, Gemü, and others, in addition to its proprietary products like the Multiflex Block® and the ClampCon® System. Serving customers in over 70 countries, Kwerk GmbH has become a trusted B2B supplier and manufacturer.

The latest addition to Kwerk GmbH's product portfolio includes ATEX-certified plastics designed for applications in potentially explosive environments. These electrically dissipative industrial plastics adhere to the highest safety standards and are manufactured using various joining techniques. Typical products in this category include valves, acid vapor separators, piping systems, flow meters, manholes, sight glasses, inspection openings, and more.

Consistent with its commitment to innovation, Kwerk GmbH's introduction of ATEX products aligns with its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions. The company's configurators for the Multiflex Block®, flanges, flow meters, and dosing tanks empower customers to find solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Each configuration undergoes meticulous review by the technical department to ensure precision and reliability.

Kwerk GmbH's dedication to customer relationships is evident through its personalized approach, assigning each customer a dedicated contact person for seamless coordination and communication. The company emphasizes that these relationships serve as a solid foundation for its success.

Interested parties can benefit from Kwerk GmbH's user-friendly online platform, offering advantages such as quick access to products in just three clicks, custom-made solutions from the specialist workshop, fast online processing, flexible payment options, and a comprehensive range of quality products.

Individuals interested in an exclusive distribution partnership or those seeking innovative products and solutions can learn more about the new ATEX product category and the entire offering at or by contacting Kwerk GmbH directly at +49 (0) 2602 99973-0 or